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A girl I’m friends with on Facebook posted this status and I love it so much.

There’s a difference between giving life and taking it. A doctor legally cannot deny medical attention to someone who requires it, for example, replacing an organ. You said it yourself. Abortion is a CHOICE. It’s not life or death to the mother. It’s not a required operation that will save a mother’s life (not her way of life, but the ability to live at all). It’s an operation that kills innocent babies. There’s no choice for the baby. Abortion is killing the innocent. It’s legal murder. And the pregnancy could be avoided with abstinence.

  1. Sometimes it very much is life or death e.g. if the person is young (the youngest mother ever was 5 years old) or if the person has a particular medical condition.
  2. It’s a cluster of cells, not a baby. It’s not sentient, it has no idea of its existence or lack thereof, it’s barely different from having a period or masturbating in that cells that could have become a person did not.
  3. 'Abstinence' doesn't help people who were raped, pressured into sex, not sufficiently educated to understand the consequences of unprotected sex or provided with contraception.
  4. An organ cannot be taken from a corpse to save someone’s life unless its owner gave consent while living. Corpses have more rights and legal bodily autonomy than over half of the population.
  5. Please unfollow me.

"It’s not a required operation that will save a mother’s life (not her way of life, but the ability to live at all)"

By that logic a lot of other procedures shouldn’t be performed either. Break a limb? Usually not life threatening, so a doctor shouldn’t have to set it for you. Sure, you’ll probably have some mobility issues for the rest of your life, but your way of life doesn’t matter right? We don’t withhold all medical attention that isn’t literally a matter of life or death, so those same standards shouldn’t be applied only to abortions.


Castiel “Mythical”
You live like a dragon but you burn like a phoenix…

I had started this a looong time ago, and after yesterday’s episode I had all the feelz and was inspired to finish this. This completes my 3 fandom wing study… previous is TWD “Icarus Iscariot” and Sherlock “Them”. ^_^


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